Embrace Cultural Confidence®

A framework promoting healthy emotionality through the powerful intersectionality of identity, mindfulness, resilience, and mental health.

Providing Solutions and Cultural Confidence®

A solution-focused approach is about finding solutions, exceptions to the problem, and emphasizing your strengths, skills, and resilience.  Cultural Confidence® is a unique framework that is rooted in a state of being and intentional living.  The framework outlines a circular process involving a four-way intersectionality of mental health, identity, mindfulness, and resilience.  Cultural Confidence® is about going beyond traditional cultural competency and boosts diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.  

The power lies in the language the phrase exudes.  


YCP provides live workshops and webinars nationwide for organizations, executives, and leaders promoting mental health and wellbeing. Investing in workplace wellness leads to increased employee engagement, productivity, and an overall healthy and happy workplace.

YCP is particularly passionate about supporting employee resource groups or business resource groups at organizations to support diversity, equity, and inclusion. It has created and implemented the Cultural Confidence® curriculum to help ERGs/BRGs provide cultural and systemic change, addressing mental health stigma at work, racism, and workplace conflict.


YCP provides mental health and wellness programming and clinical expertise for non-profit organizations around the country that support Asian American leaders and professionals. It has created and implemented the Cultural Confidence® curriculum for the Council of Korean Americans (CKA) using the title, "Building Resilient Leaders" as well as for the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) called "Self-Care & Wellness By NAAAP."

YCP also offers support groups for leaders and professionals.


YCP is passionate about addressing the mental health and wellness needs of college and graduate students around the country. YCP is offering support groups and psycho-educational workshops, especially for Asian American students who indicate their struggles in getting therapeutic and counseling support on campus.

YCP hopes to build culturally confident students on campuses, as well as establish diversity, equity, and inclusive practices on campuses at the organizational level.

Client Engagements

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Providing change through the following

Keynote & Public Speaking

Offer clinical expertise by presenting seminars at conferences and summits to engage for change toward healthy and holistic self-care and wellness.  Keynotes and talks range from addressing mental health stigma to holding a  solution-focused perspective with the Cultural Confidence® framework.

Webinars & Workshops

Skills-based psychoeducation is offered for corporate, community and colleges/universities raising awareness on mental health and wellness in organizations and the workplace. Also available are adolescent and family workshops addressing the health of the family system. 


Therapeutic services for couples, individuals, families and groups including children and adolescents. Therapy is founded on Cultural Confidence® with a solution-focused modality.

Realize the impact of authentic self-care practice, good mental health, and wellbeing to be effective in all aspects of your life.

Jeanie Y. Chang, LMFT, CMHIMP, CCTP is an interdisciplinary clinician and speaker who also offers consulting and support groups.  Click here to connect! 

Your Change Provider, PLLC is an interdisciplinary therapeutic practice founded on a solution-focused approach and Cultural Confidence®, a unique framework that is rooted in a state of being and intentional living.  The purpose is to engage clients for change through finding solutions and embrace Cultural Confidence® which promotes diversity, equity, and inclusive practices in corporate, community, and colleges.  The hope is to be healthy and happy in all aspects of your life. 

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending."

–C.S. Lewis


“I can’t thank you enough for continuing to counsel our family.  You have brought all of us a long way and I am so grateful the girls have you.”

“You have been such a blessing.  Thank you for all you have done for us.  God bless you.”

“Thank you so much for all of your help the last couple of years.  Deciding to go to counseling is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself.”

“Jeanie Chang was keen in creating content that aligned with the strategic goals of the Business Resource Groups and ensuring the content was relevant for anyone, regardless of background. In the first five sessions, more than 700 participants were engaged and shared nothing but positive feedback.”

– DEI Leadership

“Jeanie Chang reaffirmed an area that I always pushed aside due to taking care of others, self-care.  The major key points I took away were: identify and acknowledge your stress level, focus on present moments,  positive thinking, and managing only what’s in your control.”

– Client in business


“We all loved Jeanie’s session.  It was very informative, we took notes and learned a lot about self-care.  We talked about her session for weeks!  We look forward to more.”

– Eaton Corporation


“Folks are still writing to me and saying how amazing the session was.  You brought so much light to our VMLY&R home this morning. 
Thank you.”



“Learning about Jeanie’s work around cultural competencies and addressing mental health in Asian American communities gave us the opportunity to bring this unique perspective to not just our Asian American employees but to everyone. Jeanie’s ability to not only demystify mental health but to also put it in context to the corporate workplace allowed everyone to connect and better diagnose and manage their own mental health and well being. Jeanie understood our work environment and made her message super relevant.”

– Salesforce

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